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Quality Instruction: My Kid’s Experience

“Thank you for coming. After one month schooling, I want to share with you some feedback regarding your kid,” Sam said.

“Thank you for arranging the session and having me today,” I replied.

“I found your kid struggle in Mathematics but at the same time, very strong in Arts, ” Sam showed me some notes she made about my kid’s learning progress.

“Yes, that is very true. I didn’t mention anything to you and somehow was hoping that you will discover it at one point,” I said.

“So, I will use the strength to overcome the challenge. I will use more Arts to explain Mathematical concepts to your kid. That might help your kid to sense the logic easier and faster!” Sam shared her strategy to assist my kid.

I was speechless.

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Visiting ‘Future Schools’ Around Oulu, Finland

Learning in the 21st century is no longer compounded of what happened within the classroom’s wall.

The traditional idea of education and schooling served well the needs of the industrial society, but current and future life demands learning to concentrate on the holistic wellbeing of learners, reducing the separation between life in schools and home.

Changing operational culture as well as the pedagogical culture is hard, but the manipulation of architecture and interior design of learning spaces is another way to enhance changes.

These future schools demonstrate how pedagogy, leadership, capacity building, technology, teacher training and the architecture of the learning space are brought into action.

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