‘Reconstructing’ World History and Historical Thinking Subject

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh. I am working on integrating History subject in our school, KMSS, with Islamic World View. Currently, we are following IGCSE module for History but we found several major concerns: Students are not familiar with the topics which are not in our national mandated curriculum. (American…

Teaching World Religions in the Khalifah Method Way

Assalamualaikum WBT. Alhamdulillah. Solātan wa salāman ‘alā Rasulillāh. Ammā ba’d. The lecture given by Sister Susan Doughlas introduced me to a very important civic framework which is timely and critically needed. Taking religion as real, important and nevertheless relevant in this public square modern life, she has summarized many important…

Video: Law of Learning by Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi Jenkins


If a chicken can be made standing on its right leg, walking in circle, peck the red button and rewarded by food, can a man learn better if he follows the law of learning?

Our minds are not random. They behave according to certain rules. The rules can be understood, and applying the understanding to a learning process, makes character shaping possible.